Rock Your Return

Rock Your Return

Take control of your return from maternity leave


Returning to work after maternity leave isn’t always a walk in the park (in fact it probably is, but one of those walks where you realise it’s so muddy you can’t push the pram, you have a non-sleeper who hasn’t read the manual on daytime napping and there is no coffee available ANYWHERE). 

What work do you go back to? Should it be full time or part time? What if your current employer says no to a flexible working application? How will I/we manage nursery pick ups? How will we even get out the house in the morning when it currently takes me three hours wearing what resembles jammies? Will I actually be able to do my job anymore? Am I a terrible mother for leaving my baby in childcare? (By the way the answer to this last one is a definite no!)

Yep, completely hear you. Some employers are amazingly supportive but even then there is definitely something to be said for feeling fully prepared and in control (wherever possible) of what your return looks like. 

After experiencing all this first hand, and with a background in HR (training and development), I decided something had to change. I’m bored of waiting for the world to catch up and realise that working mums are bloody awesome. I’ve heard too many women battle through challenging conversations, difficult decisions, feeling guilty or incapable without the support and advice and cheerleading they deserve.

Rock your Return combines expert, professional, tailored development with a true understanding of the realities giving you the tools and confidence required for a smooth transition back into work. 

This programme is for anyone due to return to work after having a family, employed or self employed, it might be in the next 6 weeks or 6 months.

Ready to rock your return?

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4 x 30 minute video workshops

The course runs as a series of 'taught to camera' video workshops – imagine them like real life workshops...only they are done from the comfort of your sofa and no-one can see if you haven't washed your hair for days! 

Informal, full of questions that get you thinking alongside practical actions you can take away to make changes happen RIGHT NOW. Here's what we cover:

  • Workshop One: Back to me 

Gain clarity on exactly what you want your return to look like and why, creating a focused plan for the coming weeks / months. 

  • Workshop Two: Nailing the next steps

After this one you'll feel more confident and prepared to manage any difficult conversations that might be on the horizon. You'll also be fully clued up on flexible working, making a job share work and your legal rights.

  • Workshop Three: Preparing for working motherhood

The washing, the shopping, the commute, the sheer volume of stuff to do! How to get so organised that this working parent thing will be a breeze. Plus, we cover all the practicalities of your return, including choosing childcare, what on earth to wear when nothing fits and feeling fully prepared for the first few weeks back.

  • Workshop Four: Making a Mumback 

Building your support tribe, maxing up on the self-care and dialling up the confidence. You’ve got this.

We suggest completing one workshop a week giving you time to digest the information and complete any actions you might want to take in-between times (though this is up to you, once you've booked on you have full flexibility to view them whenever you like and it can be done in one go if you'd prefer). There are also additional tools and activities which you can come back to at any point now or in the future, once you've bought the course it is yours for life. 

At the top of this page you can sign up for a trial of the full programme and access the first workshop for FREE! We also have some brilliant employers who are up for paying for this development, it can be well worth asking the question if you can claim the cost back. Email us if you'd like more information to pass on -

A private Facebook community

We are building a community of women determined not to be held back, wanting to support each other in making this next chapter of working parenthood more positive. Purely for women on the course this is a place to get further advice and know that you are most definitely not alone. THE place to be for making a more empowered return. 


  • A workbook jam packed with tools, techniques and journaling prompts.
  • A ‘Planning my Return’ action planner – as a working document this will help clear your head and know the exact steps you need to take over the coming weeks and months
  • The ‘First Weeks Back’ questionnaire detailing EVERYTHING you need to consider and plan for your smooth return
  • The Weekly Organiser – an organisation tool which will transform how in control you feel of everything that needs to get done on the home front
  • Plus a load of additional tools and templates you can use to support your return

Ready to rock you return?

Currently closed for bookings!


Helen | ECommerce Manager

"Straight away the programme helped me get my thoughts straight. It helped me remember I'm still the same person I was before and gave me back some confidence. The practical advice and tools like the ultimate checklist helped me get organised and feel more in control of everything I was worrying about instead of just worrying! I also loved feeling like I wasn't alone, everything you said I could relate to and meeting the other women was important to share thoughts and realise we're all in the same situation.

I honestly think this course is something all women need to regain their workplace confidence, hush their inner critic and feel prepared for the next chapter of being a working Mum. I would and will recommend it to everyone!

My big ball of dread is now a much smaller bundle of nerves so it's definitely worked wonders for me :-) 

Sarah | HR Manager, Retail

“It asked really powerful questions that made me stop and think about something else than what time it was and when the next feed was due - I realised I needed to have some time for me again (without feeling like I was failing on my mum duties!) Would I recommend it to others? Yes, YES! Do it before you go back, I was around 5 months into my mat leave and thought my return was so far ahead it wouldn't matter, but it did! It just prepared me for those informal catch ups and to start planning things like nursery and family arrangements well in advance.”

Katie | Manchester

"The programme gave me the confidence to have a conversation with my manager about my preferred working hours (one which I was surprised to find he was very supportive of!) and to be prepared for how I would feel going back into the workplace.

I feel so much more empowered as a result of this course, and have banished all thoughts of feeling "lazy" or "cheeky" because I need to adhere to a strict leaving time to collect my son from nursery!"

Kerry | Assistant Head, Secondary School

“The workshops made a huge difference! Before the sessions, I was struggling to strike a balance and wasn’t feeling particularly confident or positive about my return.  The programme helped me to think clearly about the reality of my days and my roles and not just the self-critical version of these things in my head!  The resources and tools were really useful to support me in continuing to reflect and practise good habits after the sessions. This has been an integral part of my successful return to work.”

Natasha | PR Manager

“Provides the tools and thinking space to enable you to successfully plan and achieve balance within your life upon returning to work. Practical advice, which is easy to implement, even in the busiest of lives. Helen has vast experience of managing her own career alongside motherhood and has excellent knowledge in what she specialises in.” 

Helen Bryce
Helen Bryce

Who runs the course...

I’m Helen, founder of Guilty Mothers Club. I have four little ones and live in Manchester, UK. 

I have over a decades experience in HR, specifically leadership / talent management and I have spent the last 8 years designing and delivering training and development programmes. From recruiting coaches and creating mentoring schemes through to launching an entire leadership academy I have trained hundreds of people of all levels and roles and am hooked on personal development. 

I’ve returned to work for a large corporate after maternity leave so understand the challenges this brings. I’ve felt first hand the overwhelm, the compromises and also sadly the discrimination some women face. I've also experienced running a start up around nap times and am now lucky enough to be doing work I love and feel so passionate about. I genuinely believe that the world will be a better place when more women are able to fulfil their potential so I'm all about embracing motherhood but not letting it hold us back. I'm a feminist, at times annoyingly positive but a dreamer at heart!

Ready to rock you return?

Currently closed for bookings!