Game Changers || May 2018

Game Changers

For mums who want to make a change


Game Changers is a 12 week online development programme for mothers who know they want to do something new or make a change in their lives but don’t know where to start. 

For lots of us having children brings everything into perspective. Suddenly we question everything, including our career. 

Feeling like your work lacks meaning or purpose, maybe frustrated with a lack of flexibility or just stuck, bored and uninspired but unsure where to go next. Yep we hear all of this a lot. We all want to do work that we feel adds something, that we believe in or feel passionate about. That fits around our lives rather than takes over. 

Previous attendees have moved to work in new departments or on new projects with their current employer, started their own business, changed careers entirely, rediscovered forgotten hobbies, gone travelling. The possibilities, big or small, are endless.

This isn’t a quick fix and we don't promise a specific outcome. That’s kind of the point. This course is focused on YOU and what will work for you and your current situation. 

We'll help you to rediscover what it is you LOVE doing and support you in creating a game plan to make it happen. A game plan that fits with what you REALLY want, a game plan that gets you excited and giddy and wanting to jump out of bed in the morning (o.k clearly we are more likely to be jumped on than be jumping out but you get the point). A game plan that actually works for you and your family.

And it isn’t delivered in a formal way. I hate using the word ‘fun’ because it sounds contrived but it genuinely is; it’s fun, real, inspirational and deals with the practicalities as well as the deeper stuff. So we don't suggest you quit the day job next week (though in some cases this does happen), as parents this isn't often possible. But we do share how you can actually try out different career options easily and over coming months, how you can move a side hustle into something more, how it doesn't even need to be one specific job anymore that pays the bills but a number of far more fulfilling gigs, how work doesn't even need to be the main deal, how other parts of your life can be happier and more fulfilled all round. 

We know that being surrounded by the right people makes a massive difference. You’ll have total flexibility to watch the workshops in your own time but we suggest a rough schedule to keep you on track. Just the right amount of accountability so that this doesn't become one of those online courses you don't ever get round to doing. 

Fortnightly live chats and monthly calls give you a chance to ask specific questions and build relationships so you won’t feel like you’re figuring this out alone. Within no time you’ll stop feeling lost and overwhelmed and start to feel the tingle of excitement and inspiration. You get ongoing support from other mothers who really get it, all from the comfort of your own sofa.

I believe passionately that it can and should be possible for women to combine a family with work they love and I know that this course gives more women the chance to do so.

If you have any other questions or want to chat than please get in touch – x

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The full 12 week programme includes the following sessions. All content is delivered digitally:

12 x video workshops

We suggest one per week but this content is yours forever so go at your own pace. They follow a clear structure and format but because they are all recorded you have full flexibility to watch them whenever you like (we know how things come up). 

We cover four main sections:

1. Rediscovery. Get really clear on what matters to you, where you want to be and what will make you truly happy and successful not just in work but in life all round. 

2. Reboot. Figure out the things getting in the way of a more balanced life and focused career. Including guilt, fear and that inner critic. We work on how to develop a more positive mindset which is truly invaluable . Get ready to have more time, headspace and be ready to tackle anything! 

3. Re-Energise. Nail the practicalities involved in any future change (like finances), come up with killer ideas (or refine the ones you already have), plus an incredible technique for testing out options without spending tons of cash or wasting loads of time.

4. Relaunch. Not necessarily making the change straight away but how to keep momentum and retain the confidence you'll have gained once you've finished the course. Getting out there, setting goals and finishing with brilliant plans. 

Fortnightly live Q&A sessions

Within our private FB group there is the chance for you to ask questions, connect with other women and explore ideas / get advice. Please don't worry if you can't make these, you can ask any questions prior and the posts will remain available following. 

Access to our private Facebook group

Want to be surrounded by other women who get it, want to support you, are feeling the same or have been there and can share the things they've learnt along the way? Here you can gain invaluable feedback on your ideas, ask for advice without any sort of judgement and find accountability for making stuff happen. This element is really special.

A weekly Game Changing challenge

To keep momentum and get you moving out of your comfort zone. 12 weekly, invigorating, inspiring yet simple challenges that make a huge difference to your progress. These are delivered weekly by email over the 12 weeks. 


Upon starting the course you’ll receive access to an online members area where you’ll find:

  • The Guilty Mothers Guide to Game Changing – a beautiful jam packed workbook that can be printed out or used online and will provide you with a clear twelve step plan to follow. It is also broken down into sections by workshop with relevant activities so you that you can take notes and journal away. There are plenty of additional powerful questions to be answered and space to record your progress through the weekly challenges.
  • A load of extra supporting activities and information so that you can individualise your experience. Too many to mention here but know that if you need some extra support on one particular section you will find it. Use these as and when you need to dig a bit deeper.
  • A list of our favourite websites and blogs – expect to have a massively inspiring future reading list by the end.
  • Advice and support from your closed Facebook group where you can chat and share with other mothers (note: you will of course need to be on Facebook for this element!)
  • Ongoing access to the content beyond the 12 weeks, once you've bought this course it's yours forever. So you can keep working on your plans (as long as your account is active)

No other materials required aside from a pad and pen, unless of course you want to use this as an excuse to go and buy some new stationery…

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Ali | Library Manager

It’s a journey, it reconnects what’s important and provides the structure and focus to work out how to move forward in both personal and professional areas of life. There is also a nurturing feel to it that makes it feel safe, approachable and achieveable.

There’s a fresh feel to this program, it’s not like the other corporate development courses that your forget once your walk out the door. The use of modern techniques makes the things we learnt possible to continue every day or week. I really believe that this is the new way to work, it’s revolutionary.

Sara | A wife, a mum, a maker (The Make Project Mcr)

I had a head full of ideas and a whole load of unfulfilled ambitions but I just couldn’t find a way to untangle the years of procrastination to get where I needed to be.

After Game Changers I have started to edge my toes out of my comfort zone a little bit more each day and I talk a lot more about my creative plans and ideas with people who aren’t just my husband and friends. I have also enrolled in the Digital Mums course to utilise my background in digital advertising too.

The whole experience was just so positive for me, and sometimes when you are trying to plan your future moves in your own head that positivity is something that is very hard to bring to yourself. I can’t tell you how apprehensive I was about doing the course. I am not one of life’s big sharers so the thought of bearing my inner battles to a group of strangers made me want to crawl back into my shell but everyone was lovely…the biggest thing for me was that it never felt like an exercise, more a discovery.

Lucy | Coach (Brand New Mum)

I was mid-way through my year of maternity leave (when attending Game Changers) and facing the prospect of going back to a charity development job that I loved, but with a salary that just didn’t add up against the cost of childcare. I was toying with the idea of returning to freelancing in the sector as a consultant and coach, which I’d done before, but was lacking confidence and a plan for how to approach making the leap away from the security of a job and back into working for myself.

I wanted time and space to explore ideas. The course gave me the opportunity to think just about me and what I wanted, which was totally refreshing after 6 months or more of focusing entirely on my new baby and her needs. Family and friends were too close to the situation to be able to talk through things properly and help me weigh up my options clearly, so the group gave me some much needed fresh perspective. The Game Changers workshops and exercises we did also helped me to reconnect with what I am good at and what I love doing, and I am now enjoying the process of building a portfolio career that aims to tick more of those boxes for me.

Sarah | Counsellor & Psychotherapist (The Selfish Space)

This course has given me the courage and clarity to back my own Game Change. It has a clear and supportive way of reviewing values, skill set and potential goals and provides clear, practical and useful tools to help identify and deconstruct personal barriers to change.

A truly life changing course that has given me tools and techniques I can continue to apply to future goals and life events and will help me to continuously review and shape my existing game change. Thank you!

Helen | Social Media Manager

I love Guilty Mothers Club. I completed the Game Changers course last year and can honestly say it’s changed my life! As a result I ended up negotiating a job share at work and am now in the process of a complete career change, something I would never have considered possible before doing this course. But more than that it made me prioritise myself and consider what was important to me again which I hadn’t done since becoming a mum! I also met an amazing group of women who have become a solid part of my Mum tribe. I can’t recommend it enough!

Charlie | Business Owner, The Natural Wedding Company

The biggest change has been my attitude towards my own business. I came on the programme thinking I was going to find a new direction, realise I should stop my current business and go in a different direction. In fact, I have come away more positive about what I have. I think the programme has most importantly changed my mindset. It has reminded me that I need to prioritise enjoyment in my work, something I had lost and didn’t think was possible without a big change. I have also come to truly appreciate the importance of having time to myself, to think, to plan, to dream.

For me, the Game Changers programme was a course to re-find myself as a “career” woman but without ignoring that I am also a mother now. Last month my business turned 10 years old, thanks to taking a risk with a paid colleague and the support I got from Game Changers I am celebrating 10 years!

Kerry | Secondary School Teacher

I wanted to make some changes but didn’t have the confidence to do it. I’d worked with Helen after the birth of my first son and it had really helped. I knew I wanted to do something after my second baby was born to help me find my way again. I’ve now met with colleagues and felt prepared and empowered. I feel less scared by stopping what I’m currently doing…as one fellow Game changer said, ‘Leap and the net will appear’. This course is an amazing experience where you are given a challenging, empowering and inspiring toolkit to use to explore your sense of self. You also meet a supportive, like-minded and interested group of people to help you on your journey. Your main cheerleader is knowledgable, caring, creative and inspiring! 

Or, listen to Emily and Rachel talk about their experiences of the programme:

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Helen Bryce
Helen Bryce

Who runs the course...

I’m Helen, founder of Guilty Mothers Club. I have four little ones and live in Manchester, UK. 

I have over a decades experience in HR, specifically leadership / talent management and I have spent the last 8 years designing and delivering training and development programmes. From recruiting coaches and creating mentoring schemes through to launching an entire leadership academy I have trained hundreds of people of all levels and roles and am hooked on personal development. 

I’ve returned to work for a large corporate after maternity leave so understand the challenges this brings. I’ve felt first hand the overwhelm, the compromises and also sadly the discrimination some women face. I've also experienced running a start up around nap times and am now lucky enough to be doing work I love and feel so passionate about. I genuinely believe that the world will be a better place when more women are able to fulfil their potential so I'm all about embracing motherhood but not letting it hold us back. I'm a feminist, at times annoyingly positive but a dreamer at heart!